Designing an integrated technology provider sourcing model, defining work package requirements, evaluating proposals and onboarding providers.

Achieving a tightly integrated and high-performing technology provider landscape is a critical factor in achieving seamless operations and ongoing innovation.

The key components of our approach include:

  • Defining a Sourcing model that describes the potential vendor landscape for implementing the ICT services. The sourcing model will outline the different categories of supply, the scope contained within those categories and the potential suppliers that may be part of an RFP process. Additionally, it needs to be considered what should be done in-house and what should be sourced externally with suppliers.
  • Defining detailed requirements which can be packaged into a series of tenders for procurement. These include functional requirements, technical requirements, support (operations) requirements.
  • Running the RFP process together with the procurement team including defining evaluation criteria, procurement timelines and engaging in vendor meetings to enable two-way communication.
  • Contracting and Onboarding the selected vendors. Alkira will build and agree to a robust Scope of Work with each of the selected vendors and support contract negotiations related to the technical scope. On completing the contract, we work to onboard the providers in a quick and seamless manner to ensure projects get delivered as planned.

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